Hayley Hunter

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Two  and a half years...coming up on 3!

Why did you start CrossFit? I had this great boyfriend, whom talked about CF all the time! lol

How long have you been coaching?  I started with Crossfit kids in January of 2017, and transitioned to adults this summer.

What made you decide that you wanted to coach? I love teaching and have been around coaching my whole life.

What are your certifications? CF level 1

My favorite movement is: My favorite movement is a pull-up, but only because bicep curls are frowned upon. 

If I could create a WOD it would look like: It would look very similar to Fran. It would be a sprint with pull-ups.

Fill in the blank with one word:

I like psychology.

I eat oreos, I consider myself a connoisseur.

I do a lot of reading.

I am pretty much a hot mess.

My favorite pizza topping is meat, any kind!

Something you may not know about me is:

HMM, THIS IS HARD. I am pretty much an open book. I like to think I am well versed in numerous topics. Hit me up with conversation on anything! I would love learn and talk about your life!