Tommy Dionisio

CrossFit saved my life 9 years ago. From an unhealthy 40” waist with Cholesterol over 490 – to the 32” waist of my 20’s, cholesterol under 225, I can crush most workouts at 64. A massive change. Now the future is not defined by increasing degrees of decrepitude, but by how far can the threshold of health & fitness be pushed. The goal is to be there for my sons Christian and Shea, and to be fittest Grandpa my as of yet unborn grandchildren will ever know.

CrossFit is the answer to a life long search for something worthwhile to invest the talents God has given me to make an impact on people and increase their health, wellness and quality of their lives.

I received my Level 2 CrossFit trainer certification and have been coaching for about 6 years.

My favorite movement is planking.

My favorite WOD Is Kelly – something inherently evil about running, box jumps and wall balls

I like people (love horses) and creativity of any kind

I eat anything but liver and lima beans

I do life with family & friends and build things

I am a devoted child of God, and father

My favorite pizza topping is: New York style, folded, extra cheese

Something you might not know about me is: I stop to rescue turtles whenever I see them in the road and love a good debate