A Gym Is Only As Good As Its Members.

We Equip Our Gym For You

What to expect

When you walk into CrossFit Citadel you have entered an environment where we are going to help you do things you may never have done before. Maybe an unassisted pull-up, ring dip or muscle up. It might be PR’ing (personal record) one of your lifts, gaining increased mobility, just squatting with correct form or discovering that you have muscles in places you never realized.

These winning moments are insanely exciting, just one of the reasons we love sharing CrossFit. Every day you’re going to be challenged in a way you never have before. We help you overcome that challenge. Very few things in life feel as good as overcoming a challenge, achieving a goal or succeeding at something you were never able to do before. And, as you get fitter and healthier, you set new goals and find new ways to challenge yourself.

At CrossFit Citadel, we focus on teaching our members to move safely and efficiently. Our team of experienced coaches plan all our weekly classes, guaranteeing that our members get thoughtful workouts that encourage progress and minimize the chance of injury.

Our Facilities Feature:

  • Beginner Foundation Classes
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Nutritional Guidance & Support
  • Members Only Socials
  • In Box, Community Events & Competitions
  • Discounts & Giveaways
  • 20% Off for Military and 1st Responders
  • Couples discount
  • First and largest in Longview, Texas
  • Over 40 classes per week in our heated and cooled 10,000 square foot facility - plenty of workout space per member