Athlete of The Month
Tiffany Turner

So I moved to Longview from Austin in November 2014, one week before Thanksgiving for a 6 month assignment. After a couple of weeks I joined a local gym that had Zumba to stay active and hopefully to meet people. Fast forward 2 months of Zumba, Spin and Boot Camp and I still hadn¹t met anyone other than my co-workers. I was depressed, lonely, and found myself crying at the gym. A friend encouraged me to find a CrossFit Box. She said I would get a great workout and meet people. One Google search later, I found The Citadel.

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    At first I didn’t like you. At first you scared me. Then I got to know you, very slowly. And it turns out ...

    My fitness journey started a few months after I had Easton. I was in the grocery store and someone approached me and asked when my baby was
    Sami Etheredge

    From the moment I walked in to do the bootcamp interview I could tell this place was different than other gyms/bootcamps/programs I had done
    Lindsay Cook