Why Sugar Isn’t the Only Reason You Should Avoid Soda

Let’s say you’re leaving your house after being in quarantine. It’s over a hundred degrees outside. You go to the store and open one of the refrigerator doors that are always at the checkout. You feel the cold of the can or bottle in your hands. You imagine yourself twisting the cap or pulling the can opener with a refreshing “psst.” However, you might have slight reservations because soda has a lot of sugar and life in quarantine has not been good to your body. Soda contains a lot of sugar and isn’t the best or even healthiest quarantine buddy, sadly enough. In all honesty, you should be avoiding soda, but sugar isn’t the only reason why.


While drinking a cold can of soda can feel incredibly refreshing on a hot day, soda, especially caffeinated soda, can, among other things, lead to dehydration if you are drinking an excessive amount of it. Soda in and of itself doesn’t immediately make you dehydrated. However, the sugars and caffeine in soda have a diuretic effect, meaning that they make you urinate more frequently. You are getting water while drinking soda. It’s one of the base ingredients. But because of its diuretic properties, your body doesn’t retain it for very long. Whether you are out in the sun feeling the heat or finishing in the gym, reach for a water bottle to keep you hydrated, not a soda.

Reduces Calcium Absorption

In quarantine, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking at your face in the mirror, wondering where all your hard work went and possibly even checking your teeth for any food in case you have an important work video call later. You might even think about grabbing a soda. Before reaching for that soda in the fridge consider the following: Soda contains phosphoric acid and carbonation that harms your body’s ability to absorb calcium, hurting your bones and teeth. You might be thinking, “I drink diet soda. I’m fine.” But even diet soda and sparkling water harm your teeth by attacking the enamel. Your body and especially your teeth deserve better than that.

Weight Gain

You are probably thinking about how, after weeks of being indoors and not consistently exercising, you will be able to get back on the horse and back into shape. The simple answer: don’t drink soda. The average can of soda contains roughly 135-150 calories. That might seem like no big deal, but it definitely adds up and it adds up fast. Help yourself get the post-quarantine start you need and cut the soda. You will feel more energized, healthier, and on your way to getting back to your normal self.

Soda can be very tempting to drink as we approach the summer. However, your body doesn’t need it. When you’re at the checkout, avoid the soda. Buy water instead—your body will thank you.

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