How to Be a Vegetarian and Still Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

When you transition to being a vegetarian, it’s likely to miss certain foods. You might think it’s impossible to enjoy those same foods and you might feel like you’ll be missing out. Don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways you can switch to being vegetarian while still enjoying your favorite foods. Add Flavors One of the main reasons people … Read More

How a Vegetarian Diet Can Benefit Your Health

Many people turn to a vegetarian diet to improve their health or abide by their personal ethics regarding animal agriculture. No matter your reasoning behind making the switch, it’s quite the commitment. Therefore, if you’ve been on the fence, read on. Here are some of the top health benefits associated with this diet and lifestyle. Weight Loss A vegetarian diet … Read More

How to Not Let Working From Home Take a Toll on Your Health

Over the past few weeks, many workers have been instructed to transition to working from for reasons beyond their control. Although working from home comes with a great list of benefits, there are also potential problems that must be navigated. One concern for many people who are working from home for the first time is the need to maintain their … Read More

Why Sugar Isn’t the Only Reason You Should Avoid Soda

Let’s say you’re leaving your house after being in quarantine. It’s over a hundred degrees outside. You go to the store and open one of the refrigerator doors that are always at the checkout. You feel the cold of the can or bottle in your hands. You imagine yourself twisting the cap or pulling the can opener with a refreshing … Read More

Why You’re Waking Up Exhausted Every Morning

Most people wake up feeling a little groggy. You may feel that you have to drag yourself out of bed due to exhaustion. This is something that shouldn’t be happening everyday and definitely needs to change. It’s important to understand that a poor diet, problems with your mattress, and exposure to blue light can be affecting the quality of your … Read More

3 Often Neglected Superfoods You Need to Sneak Into Your Diet

Too often, we rely on vitamin tablets to give us the nutrients we need, though the natural sources are readily available. Organic foods are always preferable to any processed pill. If we’d only take advantage of its bounty, nature is a cornucopia that provides all the essential nutrition we require. Let’s take a look at three natural superfoods that will … Read More


Every Vegetable Isn’t Created Equal

When it comes to eating healthy, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that all vegetables are good for you in the same way. We all know fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet—but not all veggies are created equal. Some are higher in protein and fiber, which can make them great options for anyone … Read More


Kidney-Friendly Diet Tips for Barbecue Lovers

Barbecues are great. They bring families and friends together to enjoy a beautiful day together, and the lure of delicious food is just the sauce on the steak (so to speak). However, those who suffer from kidney disease have many limitations in their diet, which can really put a damper on a barbecue lover’s spirit. Great news for those who … Read More