How to Adopt a More Sustainable Diet

With so many examples of natural resource depletion, you may have felt a renewed urge to do your part to make the world a more sustainable place. When it comes to preserving the environment, adopting a sustainable diet is a great place to start. Try these tips to start transforming your diet.

Cut Your Meat Consumption

It may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to creating a more sustainable diet, but cutting your meat consumption can help reduce carbon emissions. Over the last few years, the UN has released information that livestock is responsible for a significant amount of our carbon emissions today.

When you account for the carbon emissions that come as a result of slaughtering the meat, processing it, transporting it, and then selling it, meat consumption can actually result in large carbon emissions. Eating less meat can thus help you contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Avoid Processed Foods

Eating less processed food can be better for not only your health, but also the environment. When food is heavily processed, there are added chemicals that are difficult for your body to process as well as for the earth to decompose.

In addition to harming your health, processed food often comes in packaging that is not always biodegradable. As a result, processing food can create a lot of waste that is harmful to the environment.

Waste Less Food

It may seem obvious that wasting less food would help create a more sustainable environment, but it is easy to forget about. Unfortunately, Americans statistically tend to waste a significant amount of food. This is bad for both your bank account and the environment.

When you waste food because it has gone bad, you often are forced to also waste the packaging that is typically not biodegradable. Buying only what you need can make a big difference in building a more sustainable diet but also in building better financial habits.

It can sometimes seem overwhelming when it comes to figuring out how to make your life more sustainable. With so many different ways to reduce your carbon emissions, adopting a more sustainable diet can be a great place to start. You should begin with the suggestions in this article and then branch out as you get more comfortable with the adjustments you make.

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