Why You Need to Incorporate Legs into Your Workout Routine

When you are working out regularly, it can get easy to focus on particular body parts and forget to spend time on other areas that need your attention. Taking the time to add balance to your workout or workout schedule to include leg workouts regularly can help you to develop better health and to have a more effective exercise schedule. … Read More

How to Be a Vegetarian and Still Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

When you transition to being a vegetarian, it’s likely to miss certain foods. You might think it’s impossible to enjoy those same foods and you might feel like you’ll be missing out. Don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways you can switch to being vegetarian while still enjoying your favorite foods. Add Flavors One of the main reasons people … Read More

How to Adopt a More Sustainable Diet

With so many examples of natural resource depletion, you may have felt a renewed urge to do your part to make the world a more sustainable place. When it comes to preserving the environment, adopting a sustainable diet is a great place to start. Try these tips to start transforming your diet. Cut Your Meat Consumption It may not be … Read More

How You Can Have a More Effective Workout

There are many ways to have effective workouts that leave you feeling better than before. But even if you may already have a routine, or if you’re just starting out, there are things that you can do to make your workouts better and more effective. Here are a few ways to help you reach your fitness goals and have a … Read More

How a Vegetarian Diet Can Benefit Your Health

Many people turn to a vegetarian diet to improve their health or abide by their personal ethics regarding animal agriculture. No matter your reasoning behind making the switch, it’s quite the commitment. Therefore, if you’ve been on the fence, read on. Here are some of the top health benefits associated with this diet and lifestyle. Weight Loss A vegetarian diet … Read More

Why You’re Waking Up Exhausted Every Morning

Most people wake up feeling a little groggy. You may feel that you have to drag yourself out of bed due to exhaustion. This is something that shouldn’t be happening everyday and definitely needs to change. It’s important to understand that a poor diet, problems with your mattress, and exposure to blue light can be affecting the quality of your … Read More

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August: Christy Collins

Christy CollinsTell us about yourself! I am a fairly consistent 5am CrossFitter. I have 4 kids ages 9-13. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private counseling practice. I also contract quite a bit doing homestudies for an international adoption agency, and I teach for Stephen F Austin University. I am currently working on my Yoga Teacher certification, and … Read More

Functional Fitness

What is Functional Fitness

The body is incredible in its engineering. One muscle’s movement informs another. Tendons tighten and store energy like rubber bands. Your core tightens and stabilizes you which increases the amount of weight you can pick up. Yet when we go to the gym what do we do? We sit down in static machines and work a single muscle group, We … Read More


You Should Scale Your Workout

CrossFit has a level of competition in to it. You are always chasing someone even if that someone is the you from yesterday. Many workouts may include movements that seem intimidating or because of injury are impossible for you. That is okay! This is why scaling exists in CrossFit.   When we say scaling, we mean modifying a workout or … Read More


How Diet Affects Your Hormones

Starting a diet is an exciting time in your life in which you are much more aware of what you eat and get to monitor your weight loss in real-time. What you eat can also affect your hormones. Not only that, but lots of things affect your hormones, and if they’re not managed, it can lead to more severe problems … Read More