How to Relax Sore Muscles After an Intense Workout

It is not uncommon for workout enthusiasts to experience muscle pain for a day or two after an intense workout. The aches and pains you feel in your muscles after a workout are a sign that your body is repairing muscle fiber and you can expect to soon see the results in the performance of your muscles. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to relieve this post-workout soreness.

Keep Moving

You might not be able to move as quickly as usual when you are experiencing muscle pain. However, muscle soreness should not become an excuse for you to stop moving your body. Simple movements should be enough to combat any stiffness that exists and provide a bit of relief from the soreness. If you wake up in the morning with sore or tight muscles, try light stretching exercises, arm swings, or simply march in place. Using your muscles will increase the speed at which your muscles eliminate lactic acid, jumpstarting your recovery efforts.

Apply Heat

Applying heat to sore muscles will increase circulation to sore muscles and help them to relax. Providing heat to sore muscles also allows more nutrition and oxygen to enter the muscles. Heat therapy supports the healing process by helping the muscle to rid itself of lactic acid. Warm baths and showers are an excellent way to provide the heat to your muscles that will work to facilitate post-workout recovery. Another idea is to spend some time relaxing in a hot tub. Sitting in a hot tub not only helps with sore muscles, but can also help relax your mind.

Drink Water

Your body will have an easier time repairing your muscles after a workout if you are properly hydrated. Drinking water and replacing lost electrolytes will help the fluids in your body to continue moving and ease any inflammation that exists. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will also help to flush waste and toxins from your muscles and deliver the nutrition that is needed to rebuild muscle fiber.

Gym rats and workout junkies have probably become accustomed to sore and stiff muscles after an intense workout. Although this is normal, there are a number of measures available that can provide relief. Making sure you keep moving, applying heat, and drinking plenty of water is an excellent place to start for exercise enthusiasts who suffer from muscle soreness after a workout.

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