3 Often Neglected Superfoods You Need to Sneak Into Your Diet

Too often, we rely on vitamin tablets to give us the nutrients we need, though the natural sources are readily available. Organic foods are always preferable to any processed pill. If we’d only take advantage of its bounty, nature is a cornucopia that provides all the essential nutrition we require. Let’s take a look at three natural superfoods that will benefit your health.


For centuries, Asians have been aware of the powerful contributions ginger can make to our diet and metabolism. This root spice often appears in their delicious dishes. It is a superfood containing strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that lessen pain and ward off disease. There is a medical reason to drink ginger ale or ginger tea when you have digestive problems. It will calm nausea. Ginger works well for muscle soreness, inflammation and menstrual cramps. Include more of this zesty spice in your recipes.


Carrots are an inexpensive way to support your body’s health while having a snack. They contain beta-carotene, and they’re rich in Vitamin A. Carrots promote beautiful skin and improved vision. They contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties that boost the immune system. Munching on this sweet, crunchy veggie can reduce signs of premature aging, lower cholesterol and help prevent certain forms of cancer. They even improve dental health! Next time you’re reaching for a snack, include a few carrot sticks. Keep them in the fridge to have chilled.


Bananas rank high on the superfood list as a cost-effective way to get potassium, Vitamin B6, Manganese and Vitamin C. Eating a banana daily will help keep down blood pressure and cholesterol, improve digestion and even help to elevate your mood. They offer a tasty and inexpensive way to boost your family’s health. To prevent muscle cramping in training, athletes often keep bananas in their daily diet . Due to a banana’s thick skin, pesticides and other chemicals do not penetrate to affect the tender, creamy inner fruit.

Remember that natural raw fruits and veggies are the best sources for your body’s nutritional needs. Heating may diminish the benefits that superfoods have to offer, but foods frozen when fresh are usually fine when thawed. Other superfoods to consider include kale, spinach, yogurt, salmon, nuts and blueberries. Eating properly does not have to be dull, boring or expensive. Make the effort to incorporate these superfoods into your healthy daily diet.

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