Why Sugar Isn’t the Only Reason You Should Avoid Soda

Why Sugar Isn’t the Only Reason You Should Avoid Soda

Let’s say you’re leaving your house after being in quarantine. It’s over a hundred degrees outside. You go to the store and open one of the refrigerator doors that are always at the checkout. You feel the cold of the can or bottle in your hands. You imagine yourself twisting the cap or pulling the can opener with a refreshing … Read More

How to Relax Sore Muscles After an Intense Workout

How to Relax Sore Muscles After an Intense Workout

It is not uncommon for workout enthusiasts to experience muscle pain for a day or two after an intense workout. The aches and pains you feel in your muscles after a workout are a sign that your body is repairing muscle fiber and you can expect to soon see the results in the performance of your muscles. Fortunately, there are … Read More

Why Youre Waking Up Exhausted Every Morning

Why You’re Waking Up Exhausted Every Morning

Most people wake up feeling a little groggy. You may feel that you have to drag yourself out of bed due to exhaustion. This is something that shouldn’t be happening everyday and definitely needs to change. It’s important to understand that a poor diet, problems with your mattress, and exposure to blue light can be affecting the quality of your … Read More


Getting Back in Shape After Birth: What to Know

Congratulations—you’ve become a mother! While your baby is uppermost in your mind, you might have also started thinking about getting back in shape. Now, regular exercising and dieting will become an important topic in your life. Since pregnancy is the time of significant changes to the body , be ready to work hard to get back into shape after the … Read More

Crossfit Pull up

Pull Ups: You Can Do This!

Pull ups, the holy grail of strength for every junior high boy and girl in P.E. You may have gotten a few when you were younger but now, now you are not so sure. We are here to tell you that you can do this! With the right skill progression and some resolve, pull ups are in your future. Why … Read More


3 Often Neglected Superfoods You Need to Sneak Into Your Diet

Too often, we rely on vitamin tablets to give us the nutrients we need, though the natural sources are readily available. Organic foods are always preferable to any processed pill. If we’d only take advantage of its bounty, nature is a cornucopia that provides all the essential nutrition we require. Let’s take a look at three natural superfoods that will … Read More


How to Recover After a Workout Injury

Getting an injury while working out can be frustrating, but it happens occasionally to all of us. The sooner you recover, the quicker you can get back to working out. But you must recover properly, or you could injure yourself again. Rest During Recovery Resting the injured area is important for proper recovery. When you are recovering from a workout … Read More

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August: Christy Collins

Tell us about yourself! I am a fairly consistent 5am CrossFitter. I have 4 kids ages 9-13. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private counseling practice. I also contract quite a bit doing homestudies for an international adoption agency, and I teach for Stephen F Austin University. I am currently working on my Yoga Teacher certification, and I … Read More

Functional Fitness

What is Functional Fitness

The body is incredible in its engineering. One muscle’s movement informs another. Tendons tighten and store energy like rubber bands. Your core tightens and stabilizes you which increases the amount of weight you can pick up. Yet when we go to the gym what do we do? We sit down in static machines and work a single muscle group, We … Read More


You Should Scale Your Workout

CrossFit has a level of competition in to it. You are always chasing someone even if that someone is the you from yesterday. Many workouts may include movements that seem intimidating or because of injury are impossible for you. That is okay! This is why scaling exists in CrossFit.   When we say scaling, we mean modifying a workout or … Read More