CrossFit After 40

I am a wife, mom of two and a Gigi to two.

For many years, I have not been in the best of health and very out of shape. When I turned 40, a wellness exam showed me what I already knew in my heart – high blood pressure and diabetes. My doctor suggested a dietician consultation and even told me to research gastric bypass. I was mortified. Prayer led me to try home video workouts and modifying my diet.

CrossFit After 40

CrossFit After 40

After a year of home workouts and 100lbs lost, I decided that it was time to step outside the box and face my biggest fear, working out in a gym around “fit” people. I had been reading about CrossFit and really thought it would be a challenge.

When I found the all women’s boot camp at The Citadel, I saw the perfect opportunity to try it out. I will be honest though, the first day of class I got to the parking lot, turned around and headed back home before truly convincing myself to go in. Stepping inside was the best choice I could have made!

My Citadel family has helped me battle some huge hurdles. The motivation and support I receive from everyone encourages me to strive for a stronger, healthier me. Since starting CrossFit, I can run a mile without stopping, I have found that I love weightlifting and I can do burpees.

I have lost weight and gained muscle. I have gained strength and a healthy lifestyle, but more importantly, I have found a family at the Citadel.

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