Getting Fit To Live Better

Even now if you looked at me.

Even now if you looked at me you might miss that I workout at least three times a week and aim for four to five times per week. I don’t always eat right but I do try. I have said phrases during a workout like “I can feel the blood running through my teeth” or “Tell my wife I love her.” I am not your super crossfitter but I am your typical human. I love to eat good food I have three children and a wife that I love dearly. I have a great desire to live long and stay strong for them and for me.

What you can’t see.

Even now if you looked at me you would see that I have a bit of a gut and maybe I am not the fastest runner. What you can’t see is the 50 burpees, 100 calorie row, the 30 back-squats that I did today. You also can’t see the confidence or how good I feel because I have exercised. Something else you can’t see is the enjoyment I had doing these things with a group of people of varying ages, fitness, and background all together spurring each other on to greater efforts. I have worked out alongside a fourteen-year-old, a sixty-year-old and someone so much stronger than me. Each time we have been right there encouraging one another.

What you can see.

Even now if you looked at me what you would see is me lifting my 9, 10 and 11 years old above my head, you would see me wrestle with them, you would see me carry them when they are hurt. You would not see me sweat or blink at it because I am so much stronger now than I was. I am fitter than I was. I am happier than I was. My mind is clearer and my body is useful to me. I won’t sugar coat it CrossFit can be very hard but nothing worth doing is easy. Anything truly profitable will require discipline. The great thing about the Citadel is that you don’t have to do those hard things alone.


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