I can honestly say

So I moved to Longview from Austin in November 2014, one week before Thanksgiving for a 6 month assignment. After a couple of weeks I joined a local gym that had Zumba to stay active and hopefully to meet people. Fast forward 2 months of Zumba, Spin and Boot Camp and I still hadn¹t met anyone other than my co-workers. I was depressed, lonely, and found myself crying at the gym. A friend encouraged me to find a CrossFit Box. She said I would get a great workout and meet people. One Google search later, I found The Citadel.

Two and a half years later, everyone in the gym has cheered me on or offered help and I don¹t think they know exactly what they have done for me. I am not the physical epitome of CrossFit in any way and there were times when I wanted to leave or not return, but The Citadel doesn¹t see my weight and push me away. In the beginning, I couldn¹t squat or lunge and could barely step on the 12in box without severe knee pain but the coaches saw the struggle, offered a hand and never gave up on me.

They helped me feel OK with being strong because I¹ve always felt awkward with it then I found weight lifting and as they say, the rest is history! I love the feel of the barbell. Was it awkward and frustrating at first? Yes! (I mean what the heck is a snatch & how am I supposed to bump it up with my hips while squatting?!)

I have found myself excitedly waiting for 8pm to see the next day¹s WOD. I love working out with my friends and fellow athletes, whether it is an experienced ³comp² athlete or a new person just starting, because the entire spectrum is difficult and everyone should be proud for just walking through the door. I don¹t even mind waking up early on Saturday to lift with Travis.

I can honestly say The Citadel came to me at the perfect time and pulled me out of depression. Had I not taken the chance on CrossFit, I wouldn¹t be living in Longview or working at Premier Pediatrics. When I look back over the progress I have made I feel blessed and amazed. I look at myself and fellow athletes/friends at The Citadel and I am completely grateful. The Citadel has become a second home and I love the people here, they are my Longview family.

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